A Firm Foundation For Future Growth

Louise Monblat the new BNI Circus director shares her vision for the chapter and reasons why it's worth paying a visit...

We’re looking to grow the chapter to 30 members within the next six months, though our vision for this chapter longer term remains the same; a chapter with 45+ members that can actively participate in a share of £2 million turnover in business passed.

We are really reaching out to businesses in and around Bath and sharing with them the secret of doing good business, showing them how we help support our members with good referrals and excellent training opportunities. Achieving that sort of growth is not unrealistic, but very attainable, however it is a journey and we will get there as we work as a team. As visitors see this attractive offer it's no wonder that we are starting to see a good number of them applying for membership.

I am really excited for the future of Circus especially with the current interest and feedback from visitors. I look forward to seeing you one Wednesday morning soon! 

Louise Monblat
BNI Circus Chapter Director